Technology preserves indigenous heritage in Brazilian reserve

Created in 1961, the Xingu Indigenous Park was the first demarcated indigenous land officially recognized by the Brazilian governmentThiago Gomes/Agência Pará An innovative experience led by British charity People’s Palace Projects and the Spanish-based Factum […]

Herzog family urges international court to convict Brazil state

“Vlado Vitorioso”, by Elifas Andreato, unveiled in October 2016 in memory of the 41st anniversary of the death of Vladimir Herzog (“Vlado” was Herzog’s nickname)Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil Family members of journalist Vladimir Herzog urged the […]

Exposição do construtivista Rubens Valentim termina neste domingo em Brasília

Exposição Rubens Valentim – Construção e Fé apresenta 60 trabalhos do pintor e escultor baiano (1922-1991), com ênfase na produção dos tempos vividos em BrasíliaFabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/Agência Brasil A temporada da exposição Rubens Valentim – […]